Kings of Sparta Mastermind

What if?

..... you were in the best physical shape of your life?

What if? had a razor-sharp mental toughness to conquer anything in your way?

What if? played all out from the moment the alarm clock went off with a relentless tenacity?

What if? had deep bonds of friendship, love and caring with those closest to you?

What if? were the man that could look in the mirror and be proud of himself?

What if? were a part of a brotherhood of like-minded men who lived by a code and ethos?

What if? is the day you stop wishing for it to happen and make it happen?

....ENOUGH of the what if's.


A BROTHERHOOD of MEN who live by a code daily

Who's IDENTITY is forged in the fire of life by supporting each other through the ups and downs we face as men.  

Who's MISSION is to be that beacon of hope, change and positivity for the world around us.

There is strength in numbers.

There is only pain and isolation in going alone.

We are better together.

We are the Kings of Sparta.

 The Elite Kings of Sparta Mastermind is HERE!

  • Physical:  Get into the best physical shape of your life, reclaim that vigor, passion and purpose.  Unlock more ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM than you thought possible.
  • Mental: Develop an unbreakable mindset to take on any thing that life throws your way.  Be more present in the moment and unlock more FOCUS and GRATITUDE
  • Kings: Surrounded by a group of like-minded men you will raise your level in every aspect of your life, you will become the king you were born to be. Unlock that MENTAL TOUGHNESS and HAPPINESS that you know you deserve and truly desire

 Join the MOVEMENT of MEN...

 Learn about the ethos of the Brotherhood...

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The Community has been key to Dom actually implementing what he knew but didn't take action on..

Has this ever happened to you?

"I accomplish more in the first hour of my morning than most people do all"  

Dr. Charlie Johnson, PT
Limerick, PA

"This past 12 months were the most challenging in my life and if it wasn't for Jeff's program I wouldn't have gotten through it"

Greg Carbone, Silver Springs, MD

"It brought out a potential in me that I was not aware that I had"

Angel Sandoval, El Paso TX

"Jeff provides small basic steps you can use to turnaround your life, habits and morning" 

Steve Clements, Severna Park, MD

"I was struggling with my day to day, my work-life balance.  Jeff helped structure my days, increase my motivation and decrease my anxiety"

Dave Howard, Philadelphia, PA

"I was in a rut in my life, Jeff helped keep me focused, energized and allowed me to start the day off right"

Kory Vannoy, Phoenixville, PA

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